V8X Live Streaming Audio Interface (Bluetooth, Rechargeable)


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Live Streaming Audio Interface in Bangladesh

Rechargeable Live Sound Card Voice Recording Sound clarity, electronic sound, audio, live broadcast, shouting wheat, karaoke, chat full support.16 kinds of sound effects, 16 kinds of electric sound, compatible multi-platform device APP. Sufficient function, convenient operation, live for webcast.comes with sound effects, sound play interest.No noise, noise reduction chip, high computing performance, clear and stable sound quality.

V8x Live Sound Card Key Features and Specifications

    • Model: V8X
    • Rechargeable
    • Input and output interfaces: linear input, microphone input,
    • linear output (post), linear output (pre)
    • Installation method: external
    • Product size: 127mm*106mm*27mm
    • Product weight: 0.5 (KG)
    • Audio Chip CCM4021: Chip Description CCM4021 is a professional fixed-point audio processor with dual-core architecture, The highest working frequency can reach 368.64MHz. It has 64KW data SRAM and 48 high-efficiency DSP instruction set. Suitable for a variety of complex audio algorithm processing.
    • Channel System: Dual Channel
    • Installation method: external
    • Audio interface: 3.5mm interface
    • Output sampling rate: 48KHz
    • Sampling digits: 16bit
    • Battery capacity: 1200mAh
    • Applicable type: home / outdoor

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