Xiaomi Smart Blood Pressure Monitor- IHealth 2 (Chinese Version)

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Xiaomi Blood Pressure Monitor iHealth 2 in Bangladesh

New possibilities with the new tonometer from Xiaomi

  • Large 4.3-inch color display
  • WiFi Direct Connect
  • Micro-channel interaction
  • Voice notification

Smart blood pressure monitor which is easy to use 

Now you can easily check whether your or your parents’ blood pressure is normal.

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After the measurements, Xiaomi iHealth 2 will display the information on its color screen and inform you about the results using a voice notification. Your parents do not even need to look for their eyeglasses to see the numbers on the screen or deal with the mobile application — the smart tonometer iHealth 2 will announce all the necessary data.

You can also send the results of each measurement, for example, to your children, or to your doctor via the micro-channel.

Automatically collect and compare the data

Determine your normal pressure and monitor the state of your health

The regular measurement of blood pressure is very important because it allows the doctor to monitor and adapt to the process of hypertension treatment. More generally, the blood pressure control allows hypertensive patients and their physicians to predict cardiovascular risks.

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4.3-inch color display

The large color screen not only allows you to see the data more clearly but also displays a lot of additional features. For example, the high and low blood pressure diagnostics, the blood pressure contrast, warnings of the room temperature changes, etc. With iHealth 2 you can monitor your blood pressure and heart rate in real-time. This smart tonometer allows you to read and interpret the measurement data using the screen which changes its color according to the result obtained. With this device, you can monitor your health in accordance with the World Health Organization recommendations.

Ease of use

Simply place your compatible device on the monitor, put on the cuff, and instantly measure your heart rate using the iHealth app. Track your trends over time, and share results right from the touchscreen.

Just press one button and the tonometer will measure your blood pressure with high precision, and then inform you about the results via the voice notification. Simple, intuitive and practical procedure.

iHealth 2 can store up to 2000 measurements without synchronization with your smartphone and generate weekly and monthly charts based on the data obtained.

In addition, the device supports the wireless WiFi technology that can be used for transmitting data to your smartphone in real-time. After the WiFi connection is established, the monitor is automatically synchronized with the cloud service, where all the data is stored.

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Measurement algorithm accuracy

  • US safety and performance standards AAMI SP-10
  • European measurement accuracy standard
  • International non-invasive blood pressure measurement standard ESH 2010

Hypertension is now the most common chronic disease and a major predisposing factor of cardiovascular diseases. At hypertension, there is important to monitor not only the blood pressure but also the heart status. For most people with established hypertension, is important to monitor not only the pressure but also the state of the heart.

The ideal blood pressure is considered to be < 120 mm Hg to < 80 mm Hg.

With age, the blood pressure rises and, consequently, the risk of hypertension increases. Generally, the propensity to arterial hypertension occurs after reaching the age of 50.

According to statistics, 40 % of patients with hypertension did not know they had high blood pressure. About 80 % of patients missed the best time for treatment of hypertension because they did not monitor the level of their blood pressure on a regular basis.

Therefore it is very important to have a device that will help you to track the processes occurring in your body, and monitor the state of your heart easily and conveniently. Xiaomi iHealth 2 — a faithful guardian of your health.

Color screen will show the status of your pressure

  • Green — ideal blood pressure
  • Light green — normal blood pressure
  • Yellow-green — partial normal blood pressure
  • Yellow — mild hypertension
  • Orange — moderate hypertension
  • Red — severe hypertension
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Comfortable measurement

Traditional blood pressure monitors may cause physical discomfort due to the loud noise or excessive pressure on the hand.

An improved cuff material has a high content of nylon, which gives it more elasticity, a composite material made of felt provides a gentle pressure making the measuring process more comfortable, and the data — more accurate.

Built-in rechargeable battery

Xiaomi iHealth 2 tonometer is equipped with a built-in rechargeable 2200 mAh high capacity battery.

The smart battery has several levels of protection, which makes the use of the device safer and more durable.

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